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  • Using Liquid with your own Contracts (with or without Work Orders)

    freelancers with your existing contracts that have been signed outside of Liquid, you’ll invite your Vendors That will prompt you to upload a copy of your signed contract, which your vendors will be presented with will then set up your custom contracts to be available as custom Onboarding processes available for Vendor You then select the appropriate custom process during each Vendor invite. Ready to use the fastest and most compliant way to contract and pay your freelancers and vendors

  • Scaling Your Flexible, On-Demand Workforce

    Make sure all executives and leaders are aware of all consultants, freelancers, and vendors that all #vendorrecruitment

  • Clients and Vendors on Liquid

    data, and Vendor W9 data. What is a Vendor on Liquid? Vendors can also use Liquid to manage and share files and URLs that are related to Projects — some Vendors What if I am both a Client and Vendor? In the Vendor account, you will be restricted to doing Vendor activities (receiving payments).

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  • Consulting Firm with 750-Vendor Network

    Staff were thrilled to find Liquid for managing contracts, work orders and payments for all of their vendors — along with a W9 form for US consultants and vendors and W8 form for overseas freelancers and contractors and invoices to their QuickBooks Vendors and Chart of Accounts. Improving vendor relationships On the vendor side, the freelancers, consultants, and contractors were Consulting Firm with 750-Vendor Network Working with Liquid makes it easy for the consulting firm to

  • Best Practices in Vendor and Freelancer Compliance and Admin

    FREE DOWNLOAD Best Practices in Vendor and Freelancer Compliance and Admin What if you could access the This group of professional service vendors, contractors, and freelancers are who we call the “liquid What's in the Best Practices in Vendor and Freelancer Compliance and Admin e-Book 9 strategies to keep

  • Independent Contractors, Vendors Get Paid - Liquid

    Lupita Vendor in Kenya 1 — Upload your invoice Create your free account.

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