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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Learn how you can use Pay as Guest to pay vendors who have invoiced you via Liquid without setting up an account.

Liquid is the fastest and most compliant method to contract and pay your freelancers,  contractors, vendors, and suppliers in the US and around the world. If you aren’t a user of Liquid, you can still make payments via Liquid if you receive an invoice from your freelancers,  contractors, vendors, and suppliers. It’s quick, easy, and secure

Vendors simply create an invoice just as they would for an existing Client. After receiving an email inviting you to pay an invoice, you can pay as a Guest without creating an account — and your Vendor will receive their payment in 2-5 business days. You simply provide some basic business information along with payment information — then you’ll pay a flat fee of either $3 per domestic invoice or $8 per international invoice to complete each payment.

How to review and pay vendor invoices as a Guest in Liquid

When a Vendor has used Liquid to invoice you, you will receive an email from Liquid. The email will show you the Invoice amount, the name of the Vendor requesting payment, and a Note written by your Vendor. In addition, the invoice will be attached to the email in PDF format.

Provided you would like to pay the invoice, press the Pay button. Otherwise, you can simply ignore the email.

Paying as a Guest in Liquid

Press Pay as Guest to pay without creating a Liquid account.

If you’d like to create an Express Account, simply press Create Account and click here to learn more. If you have already paid an Invoice via Liquid, then click Login to log in with your email address and password and click here to learn how to review and pay invoices.

Express Business Profile Setup as Guest

  1. Next, enter your legal name as it should appear on legally binding business contracts.

  2. Then, review the categories of businesses which are restricted from using Liquid due to our banking and financial service provider partnerships, click the checkbox to confirm that your business is not in one of these restricted categories, and then press the Next button.

  3. Then, enter your tax ID. If you selected Sole Proprietor or Single-member LLC, you’ll be able to enter your EIN or SSN. If you selected any of the other business structures, you will have to enter your EIN

  4. Next, you’ll enter the address for your business. This address will be used for your contracts, and will be used by Liquid to verify your business.

The next section is adding your bank account information.

Payment Information as Guest

  1. Next, you’ll add your bank account information via our partnership with Plaid. You can choose to instantly and securely link your bank account via login or by manually entering your account number and routing number.

  2. Next, you’ll let us know whether the bank account you’ve connected is a Business Account or a Personal Account and whether your bank account address is the same as your business address. If it is different, you’ll be prompted to enter the address associated with your bank account.

  3. Finally, you’ll press the Finish button to view the invoice from your vendor.

If you added your bank account information by manually entering your routing number and bank account number, you will need to verify your micro deposit amounts before the Pay button becomes available. To verify your micro deposit amounts, go to Settings —> Payment Methods and press the red Pending Manual Verification chip.

Review and Pay Vendor Invoice as Guest

  1. Liquid will then show you the invoice from your vendor.

  2. Just above the Pay button you will see the ACH transaction processing fee that will be applied to your invoice payment. This fee is typically $3 per domestic invoice paid and $8 per international invoice paid.

  3. If the invoice payment amount will be converted by Liquid into a foreign currency, you will see an estimate of the amount that the Vendor will receive in that foreign currency.

  4. Provided you would like to pay the invoice, press the Pay button. There is also the option to Reject the invoice, which will send notification to the Vendor that the invoice has been rejected, along with your reason for rejecting it.

Paying Freelancers and Vendors?

Our customers report that using Liquid allows them to put off hiring an Operations Manager and/or Bookkeeper.

The invoice payment will be initiated and your vendor will receive payment in 2-5 business days.

Simplify vendor and contractor management

With Liquid, it’s easy to work with freelance talent around the world, with secure payments to 175+ countries. Payments can be delivered in USD and dozens of foreign currencies.

Plus our clients save time and money every month, thanks to Liquid’s 100+ features. Lori Shao, Founder & CEO of Finli, shares that “I honestly can’t imagine having a freelancer management experience better than the one we’ve been having with Liquid.” Ready to start simplifying and saving? 



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Paying Vendors on Liquid as a Guest (Without an Account)

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