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Faced with the complexities of managing hundreds of projects and paying dozens of independent contractors, consulting firm FlexTeam decides to develop an app. 

July 2019

Faced with the complexities of managing hundreds of projects and paying dozens of independent contractors, consulting firm FlexTeam decides to develop an app. 

October 2019

Liquid MVP Goes Live..

January 2021

Liquid start onboarding customers and developing business relationship

December 2020

Liquid get backed by Blue Chips

May 2021

Liquid introduce International payments to 175+ countries, expanding business opportunities.

Our Story

We are Liquid

Future of Work is Liquid

We are here to make work perfectly fit the needs of everyone and every business. We do this by creating and powering agile businesses that use a more liquid -- flexible and global -- workforce.

We are building the operating system for agile businesses and their valued team of vendors, contractors, and partners.

Our Story

Our mission is to bring to life and expand the liquid way of working - business relationships that are confined to full time employment and large corporations, but instead project based interactions focused on the highest impact work with the best talent. Liquid companies utilize knowledge-level contractors and vendors from around the world, engaging in a project by project basis. We are optimists for this liquid future of work because it is a win for both companies and the workforce alike.


In 2016, recognizing an untapped resource of smart, high-level executive women that needed more work flexibility, and a growing demand for the best talent working on the highest impact issues, we started a consulting company called FlexTeam. The FlexTeam members were subcontractors that worked on specific projects, and clients received very high quality, focused work products. Even in the early days when we had only 30 contractors on our bench, it was a big admin burden to manage the operations of the company. Unlike using employees where you have a payroll system to deal with onboarding, payroll, and benefits, there was no one system to deal with executing consulting agreements, collecting tax forms, agreeing to SOWs, collecting invoices, and paying them. So, we built software to solve our needs, and that is how Liquid was born.

Founded in 2019, Liquid is here to break down barriers preventing SMBs from tapping into well-qualified contractors and vendors wherever they are located. The Liquid platform simplifies contractor and vendor compliance, management and payment. Financial and operations executives from an array of industries spanning creative and digital marketing agencies, high-growth startups, and project-based firms leverage Liquid to generate more accurate budgeting and forecasting, and better manage cash flow.


If you are a leader of a modern company that is increasingly using a flexible workforce of independent contractors and service vendors, stop piecing together other systems and manual steps and quit using the payroll or AP systems that aren't built for the liquid way of working. Liquid is the operating system you need to manage and grow your company, built for the way you do business. Join us today.

Our team.

The liquid core team is constituted of high-level professionals with years of experience in finance, product and entrepreneurship, mainly related with remote workforce and liquid teams

Saujin Yi

Founder / Growth

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Tamra Johnson


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Federico Pizzutto

User Experience & Product

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Daniel Gomes


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Sean Popock

Business Development

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Whitney Nakayama

Customer Success

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