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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Onboard vendors with Liquid and eliminate up to 75 percent of emails while getting your vendors contracted and activated in minutes instead of days. Maintain consistency by setting up your company’s onboarding processes upfront with your standardized contracts and documents.

Liquid makes it easy to invite and onboard your Vendors. Here’s how.

Vendor Onboarding Processes

To invite a Vendor to Liquid, you must invite them to be onboarded to your company with an onboarding process. When you create an account in Liquid, you automatically get 4 standard onboarding processes created for you. When you are logged in to Liquid, go to Onboarding on the left side. Here, you’ll see your available onboarding processes. These are:

The Standard Onboarding processes include a Consulting Agreement (Master Contract), a Confidential Information and Inventions Assignment Agreement (NDA), and the appropriate tax form (W9 for US citizens and residents, and W8 for international vendors). In the Standard Plan or higher, we provide Consulting Agreement and NDA templates. Check out our pricing plans and the 30-day free trial.

The Offline Contracts processes include a Master Contract executed offline (which you would upload during the Vendor invite) and the appropriate tax form (W9 for US citizens and residents, and W8 for international vendors).

If you have selected the Growth Plan or higher, you will be able to customize the onboarding process. Liquid is your secret weapon in scaling your non-permanent workforce. With executed documents centrally stored, your projects can proceed effortlessly.



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Onboard Vendors, Freelancers, Contractors and Suppliers Fast

Great news for our valued customers!


We're in the process of creating LiquidTrust – our new, easy-to-use, and secure global payment solution based on all your feedback. Whether you choose direct payments or the added security of escrow, LiquidTrust is designed to fit your business needs.


Learn more and request early access to our beta version. We're confident it will be a game-changer for how you grow your business.

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