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Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Learn how to use Liquid in the way that works for you.

Liquid was built to be customizable. While most users prefer to use Liquid’s templates, many prefer to use their own contracts. And while our Invoice to Work Order matching is unparalleled, some users prefer to skip the Work Orders.

Want to use Liquid but want to use your own contracts? No problem! Don’t want to use Work Orders in Liquid? Easy peasy. We’ll teach you how. 

Using Liquid with your own Contracts

Want to use Liquid but prefer using your own contracts? No problem! Here’s how it works.

Uploading your existing contracts to Liquid

When you use Liquid, you get 4 standard onboarding processes. If you want to onboard your freelancers with your existing contracts that have been signed outside of Liquid, you’ll invite your Vendors with either the Offline Contracts (US) or Offline Contracts (International) process. That will prompt you to upload a copy of your signed contract, which your vendors will be presented with when they accept your invite

Signing your own contracts on Liquid

If you have signed up for a premium plan on Liquid, you can have your own custom contracts executed and signed on Liquid. You’ll need to press the + Process button on the Onboarding page. This will bring up a popup to prompt you to send your custom contract documents to Liquid in Microsoft Word format. Liquid will then set up your custom contracts to be available as custom Onboarding processes available for Vendor invites. You then select the appropriate custom process during each Vendor invite. 

Using Liquid without Work Orders

Don’t want to use Work Orders in Liquid? No problem! While we highly recommend using Work Orders for compliance, some Clients like to use custom contracts that include the Work Order instead of using a Master Services Agreement with separate Work Orders

Here’s how you can use Liquid to manage invoice payments without Work Orders.

Upload Invoices without Work Orders

Once you have invited your Vendors, they can create their own accounts, complete your Onboarding process, and at that point can upload an invoice for payment. While they will be prompted to attach it to a Work Order/Project, they can continue with the invoice upload without a Work Order by clicking Create the invoice without it.

If your Vendors are emailing you Invoices outside of Liquid, you can upload those to Liquid to pay within Liquid. While you will be prompted to attach it to a Work Order, you will be able to continue with the invoice upload without a Work Order by clicking Create the invoice without it.

And, of course, you and your team will be able to have permissions set up for approving and paying the invoices as you’d like. 

If you decide later you want to use the work order management and work order/invoice matching functionality it is there — and if not, that is fine too. 

Customize Liquid to work for you

It’s easy to set up your Liquid account and customize it to fit your business’s processes. Our users report that Liquid saves them dozens of hours each month, often saving them the expense of hiring an office manager or bookkeeper. Need help figuring out how it works? Want help with customizing Liquid for your business? Contact support anytime via chat!

Ready to use the fastest and most compliant way to contract and pay your freelancers and vendors? Try Liquid today



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Using Liquid with your own Contracts (with or without Work Orders)

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