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Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Incoming invoices are automatically reviewed against agreed-upon Work Orders, saving you time and money.

Has your company been manually matching invoices to work orders? Manually matching invoices costs your company time, plus it can miss issues like duplicate billing that cost your company money. Liquid automatically matches incoming invoices against work orders for you. Our users report that Liquid has helped protect them against unintended overbilling and fraud. And they save hours every month – no more checking invoices against paperwork across multiple departments!

How Vendors invoice Clients in Liquid

When a Vendor sends you an Invoice in Liquid, the Invoice is automatically populated with data directly from the agreed-upon Work Order. Specifically, the data populated into invoices include the name of the deliverable, the rate structure (e.g. hourly, daily, weekly), and the rate itself. Your Vendor does not have to input this data manually, nor are these fields editable. Your Payment Terms for that Vendor (e.g. Net 30) are also inserted into the Invoice and are not editable.  

Liquid’s Invoice to Work Order matching system

To take it a step further, Liquid automatically compares Invoices against their Work Orders to alert you to any possible errors. This helps prevent mistakes, helps ensure you are only paying for what you agreed to and saves you both time and money.

Here are some examples of some of the errors Liquid will automatically alert you to.

Multiple invoices submitted on the same date

If a Vendor submits multiple invoices to you on the same date for the same deliverable, you will be alerted. You will see a warning message on the duplicate invoices (the additional invoices after the first invoice was submitted on the same date). This message will say “Multiple invoices submitted on the same date. Confirm they are not duplicates.”

Line item not in Work Order

In Liquid, your Vendor’s invoices are pre-populated based on the details in the agreed-upon Work Order. If a Vendor adds a new line item that was not created automatically from the Work Order, you will see a warning message on the invoice. The message will say ”An invoice line item has been added from what was agreed to in work order.”

Hours exceeded

Liquid supports many different rate structures for Work Orders. When an hourly rate type is selected, there can be a maximum hours cap. If there is a maximum hours cap and the total hours invoiced exceed the cap, then you will see a warning message on the invoice. This message will let you know that the maximum hours cap was exceeded and your Vendor will be prevented from using the hours tracker to invoice you. As a result, they will be forced to add a new line item to invoice you, which will result in the warning message stated above for “Line item not in Work Order.”

Custom Rates

Invoices for Work Orders with custom rate definitions will automatically show a warning message. The message will say “Be sure to verify invoice against the work order.”

Paying Invoices that don’t match Work Orders

Note that you may pay any and all invoices that are submitted to you, even when our system displays a warning that the invoice does not match your Work Order. None of the warnings will prevent you from paying invoices and are simply there to help automate your manual process of matching invoices to Work Orders.

Liquid saves you time and money

You’ll love having your incoming invoices automatically reviewed against agreed-upon Work Orders. Liquid users report that our all-in-one vendor management system has alerted them to potential fraud as well as unintended overbilling. And CFOs, bookkeepers, COOs, and office managers have reported that Liquid’s Invoice-Work Order match system has saved them hundreds of hours manually checking invoices against paperwork across multiple departments.

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Matching Invoices to Work Orders in Liquid

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