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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Liquid’s custom concierge services make the vendor management process even more effortless.

Liquid is a complete contract management system built to make the process of contracting, managing, and paying freelancers, contractors, consultants, and vendors seamless. But Liquid offers more than just our highly rated software system.

Custom concierge services for vendor management with Liquid

Liquid offers several plans for our SaaS platform, including a Starter plan with a $0 platform fee. But Liquid also offers custom concierge plans and services to suit the needs of you and your company — particularly when you’d like to add people to your team but you don’t have the excess bandwidth needed to manage the process. These services can include complete administration for your contracts and Work Orders, compliance analyst support, and AP analyst support. 

We can take care of:

  1. Making sure your Vendors are onboarded with the right custom documents.

  2. Collect your Vendor tax forms and payment info.

  3. Background check your Vendors — both individuals and companies.

  4. Business check for agencies.

  5. Active monitoring for your Vendors.

  6. Analyze and report compliance risks that your Vendors may pose.

  7. Create and initiate custom Work Orders to mitigate freelancer misclassification risk.  

  8. Receive and process invoices to make sure they match the Work Order and that there are no duplicate invoices.

  9. Ensure invoices are routed to proper individuals for approval.

  10. Send and file your IRS 1099-NEC forms.

  11. File independent contractor reports with state authorities.

  12. Assisting with records during audits.

  13. And everything else that comes with vendor/contractor management!

These custom concierge services are customizable — so you can sign up for only the services you need.

How it works — all you need to do

  1. Tell us when you want to onboard a new Vendor and what the scope of work is, and we’ll invite your Vendor for you with a Work Order written to mitigate freelancer misclassification risk.

  2. Countersign legal documents and approve work orders before work starts.

  3. Approve invoices to pay.

  4. Let us know if you ever want to terminate working with a Vendor.

Again, these concierge services are customizable — so you only pay for the services you need.

Why might I sign up for custom concierge services?

There are many reasons you might want to sign up for Liquid’s custom concierge services.

  1. Are you afraid you’re making mistakes when working with freelancers and contractors?

  2. Are your onboarding processes complex? 

  3. Worried about permanent establishment risk

  4. Want to save money and hold off on hiring an office manager

  5. Want an experienced eye to review and set up your Work Orders? 

  6. Concerned about independent contractor compliance

  7. Want to work with freelancers and contractors without having to think about compliance? 

  8. Wasting too much time tracking and pulling together information for your 1099s?

If you answered yes to any of these, you might want to consider Liquid’s custom concierge services.

How do I sign up for custom concierge services?

Request a demo to learn more about our custom concierge services.

Simplify freelancer, contractor, and vendor management

Liquid’s custom concierge services solve the most common pain points for companies growing their on-demand workforces. Whether you need help with one task or overall help with contractor management, our concierge services are here to make working with contractors simple. Now you can spend your time managing projects, not chasing paperwork and invoices. We’ll help you figure out the right support model for your company’s needs.

Ready to switch to our complete vendor and contractor management solution? Try Liquid today



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Services and Software to Streamline your Vendor, Freelancer, and Contractor Management

Great news for our valued customers!


We're in the process of creating LiquidTrust – our new, easy-to-use, and secure global payment solution based on all your feedback. Whether you choose direct payments or the added security of escrow, LiquidTrust is designed to fit your business needs.


Learn more and request early access to our beta version. We're confident it will be a game-changer for how you grow your business.

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