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Updated: Sep 29, 2022

When you’re running a small business, you can spend far too much time Googling the best way to pay your bills. From ACH payments and international bank transfers to software integration and online bill pay, you can waste a lot of time going down a lot of rabbit holes.

But if you’re an agile, project-based business with an evolving roster of clients and workers, you need a comprehensive solution that lets you manage and pay your contractors, all in one place. There’s more to your business than just Accounts Payable, and if you’re trying to find out whether or Melio is right for you, then you might be missing out on features that will help your business thrive.

More Than Paying Invoices

Even when you’re able to get and Melio to work in tandem with your business, who’s keeping your signed contracts stored and available to your team members? Who’s matching invoices to ensure the work being done is the work you expected and at the rate you agreed on? Who’s watching spend management to make sure your project is on time and, more importantly, on budget?

That’s where Liquid comes in. Liquid was designed to help agile, growing businesses manage their global contractor team. That means more than just fast and secure international payments. Liquid is a full vendor management solution that includes:

The World Outside Domestic Bill Pay

Invoices are a regular part of running a business, so there’s a good chance you’ve already heard about and Melio for invoice payments: two sites that offer ways to pay invoices to your US-based freelancers.

However, if you collect an invoice form an international freelancer or one who prefers not to be paid in USD, then you may find yourself looking for another site altogether. can support international bill pay, but some of their support pages are 404’d. And those pages that can be accessed indicate that each country and currency will require you to collect different amounts and types of information from each of your contractors. Melio, meanwhile, allows international payments with a steep $20 fee, but only allows recipients to receive money in USD. That means contractors are stuck with the cost of exchanging their payment into a currency they can actually use.

This shortfalls from and Melio can leave your business in a bind. Do you continue using them, knowing they limit the people you can hire and pay? Or do you spend even more time trying to find a new service that specializes in international wires and pays your contractors what they expected?

Happy Contractors Mean Happy Customers

Businesses thrive when they deliver great work to their customers. And one of the best ways to keep those high-quality deliverables coming on time is to keep your vendors happy. While contractor satisfaction isn't even on or Melio’s radar, Liquid’s built-in vendor tools help your contractors spend their time doing the work they want, not chasing down deliverables, with features like:

  • Automated invoice reminders and invoice creation

  • Pay management and tracking across multiple clients

  • Tax document generation

  • Fast and secure global bank transfers

Your business thrives when your contractors make you their preferred client. That’s why contractors and vendors are never charged any fees to send invoices or receive payments with Liquid.

Liquid is the All-In-One Platform

Liquid was created by small business owners who discovered that what they needed — single, unified platform for their contracts, invoices, spend management and global bill pay — didn't exist yet. Which is why nobody else delivers the same toolkit that makes Liquid the most comprehensive vendor management platform on the web. So stop spending time trying to hack together a your payment solution from five different websites and try Liquid today!



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Wanting More From and Melio

Great news for our valued customers!


We're in the process of creating LiquidTrust – our new, easy-to-use, and secure global payment solution based on all your feedback. Whether you choose direct payments or the added security of escrow, LiquidTrust is designed to fit your business needs.


Learn more and request early access to our beta version. We're confident it will be a game-changer for how you grow your business.

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