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Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Here’s how to invite your Vendors to Liquid with Liquid templates, contracts executed offline, or your own templates.

Onboarding new vendors with Liquid is simple and straightforward. Maintain consistency by setting up your company’s onboarding processes upfront with your standardized contracts and documents. 

Liquid makes it easy to invite and onboard your Vendors. Here’s how.

Onboarding Processes

To invite a Vendor to Liquid, you must invite them to be onboarded to your company with an onboarding process. When you create an account in Liquid, you automatically get 4 standard onboarding processes created for you. When you are logged in to Liquid, go to Onboarding on the left side. Here, you’ll see your available onboarding processes. These are:

  1. Standard Onboarding (US)

  2. Standard Onboarding (International)

  3. Offline Contracts (US)

  4. Offline Contracts (International)

The Standard Onboarding processes include Liquid’s template for Consulting Agreement (Master Contract), Liquid’s template for a Confidential Information and Inventions Assignment Agreement (NDA), and the appropriate tax form (W9 for US citizens and residents, and W8 for international vendors). 

The Offline Contracts processes include a Master Contract executed offline (which you would upload during the Vendor invite) and the appropriate tax form (W9 for US citizens and residents, and W8 for international vendors).

If you created your account after May 2021, you may not see the separate US versus International onboarding processes. If that is the case, your Vendor will get the appropriate US IRS tax form based on their location.

If you have invited additional users to help you manage your business on Liquid, they will only be able to view the W9 and W8 sensitive tax data if they have been added with Administrator or Controller permissions.

If you have selected a premium plan, you will be able to request Custom Templates by pressing the + Process button on the Onboarding page. You’ll email us your standard contracts and documents in Microsoft Word document format and we’ll work with you to create custom onboarding processes that can be used to automate and standardize your workflows. Please note that the process of adding custom processes is not immediate so it helps to get us your documents as soon as possible.

Inviting your Vendor

Here’s how to invite Vendors to Liquid. Start by logging into Liquid.

  1. Once you are logged in, go to Vendors on the left side.

  2. If you have not invited any Vendors, the Add Vendor form will automatically pop up. If you have already invited a Vendor, you’ll add a new vendor by pressing the + Vendor button to open the Add Vendor form.

  3. The first step is listing the name of your Vendor. In most cases, you’ll want to list the name of the individual you’ll be inviting. If you know the business name of your Vendor, you could add that in this step instead. 

  4. Next, add a short description to help you identify the Vendor. You might list their role (graphic designer or front-end software engineer, for example) or you can choose to be more specific.

  5. Enter the email address for the Vendor you’d like to invite. 

  6. The next field is to personalize the welcome message they will receive from Liquid on your behalf. You can use the existing text, or you can choose to edit to add more detail. Some users choose to include information about why they are switching to Liquid in this field. 

  7. Next, select the Onboarding Process you’d like to use with this Vendor.

  8. If you select an Offline Contracts process, then you’ll be prompted to upload a copy of your executed master contract as a PDF with a maximum file size of 32 MB. If you select a Standard Onboarding process or a custom process that includes an offline master contract, then you’ll skip this step. 

  9. Then, you will be to select the start and end date of the master contract. By default, the start date is today’s date, and the end date is a year from yesterday.

  10. Next, you will be asked if you would like to create a Work Order for the invited Vendor. If you select yes, the Add Work Order form will pop up after you press Send. If you select no, you will still be able to invite the Vendor and you will still be able to send a Work Order later to your invited Vendor. 

  11. Finally, you’ll press Send to invite the Vendor.

You’ll then be prompted to invite another Vendor. If you have selected a premium plan, you can also contact support to have your Vendors invited for you.

Liquid is your secret weapon in scaling your workforce. With executed documents centrally stored, your projects can proceed effortlessly.

You’ll love inviting and onboarding your freelancers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers to Liquid.



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Inviting Vendors to Liquid: How to Onboard Freelancers, Contractors, Vendors, and Suppliers

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