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We are evolving! Learn more about Liquid’s global pay solutions that enable modern businesses of any size to work together easily and safely.

Join the Liquid Partner Network.
Help Your Clients Grow

Help your Startup portfolio and your Clients by providing them with an incredible single solution to manage taxes, contractors, payments, invoicing and  worldwide compliance.

Client Manage Console

  • Manage every client from a single dashboard

  • Access each client's vendor legal, tax and billing information

  • Receive contract renewal and expiration notifications

  • Generate cash flow and accrual reports by client

  • Access W9 and W8 tax data

Quick Start Services

  • Expert hands-on onboarding for you and your team

  • Access on-demand resources to coach your team and clients

  • Chat or email access to our U.S.-based partner success team


  • Add unlimited staff and client team members at no additional cost

  • Free access to guides and tips on marketing, sales and compliance content

Liquid Benefit

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get paid?

Once a business you refer signs up using your referral code and becomes a paid active subscriber for 3 months, you will be notified via email and your $100 will be paid to your Liquid account within 5 business days.

How will I know my referral was successful?

We will email you as soon as a business sign up using your referral code.

We will email you again when they have been an active paid subscriber for 3 months.

Note:  The Refer a Business program does not apply to businesses that are already in contact with the Liquid team.

How can I get paid?

To get paid you need to create a Liquid account.

Do not worry, it is free to get paid via Liquid, just create your free Liquid vendor account here.

Become a Partner

Liquid streamlines your clients' vendor onboarding, admin and payments so you can focus on helping clients grow.

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