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The list of reasons to promote employees from within is vast, including employee retention, keeping your most valuable employees with you, putting people into jobs that cater to their strengths, and more. MVP employees are dependable, consistently follow through, maintain a positive attitude even in the face of diversity, and are employees who are team-oriented.

Finding the people on your staff who make the most out of collaboration and are effective communicators is one of the first steps to finding the people on your team to promote. In addition to creating a culture of recognition, promoting staff members who are doing an exceptional job can be a fantastic way to keep your team engaged and involved.

Save Yourself Time and Money

In addition to intangibles, the right internal hires can save your business money and time. Plus, boosting morale and increased employee retention are often side effects. Hiring new external candidates can cost up to $4,000 or more and take up to a month of your time. The best candidates for open positions are often internal employees. That said, it is not always easy to identify the people with the talents you need.

How to Identify Employees Ready for Promotion

There are many ways to identify employees you should consider promoting, though some of them are generally considered more effective than others. When positions open up in your company, or you are considering creating new positions, consider the needs of the job. That said, employees who share the qualities found in this article are often in a good position for promotion.

Look for Proactive Employees

Proactive employees are often the ones who are looking to move up in the company, are passionate about their job, and are the ones who consistently do what it takes to get the job done. Rather than coming up with excuses, they are problem solvers. In many cases, these employees ask for more responsibility, accept projects, and communicate well with others.

It is important to find employees who have a good work-life balance and will not get burnt out as well. The promotable employees who are taking responsibility proactively are not necessarily the ones who are skipping lunch or staying late. It is more about finding the individuals who consistently go beyond the expected specifications of tasks, take ownership of projects as part of a team, and seem to be thinking about shared organizational goals rather than just their own agenda.

Find Solution-Oriented Employees

Leaders focus on problem-solving and solutions. When putting somebody in a position of greater responsibility, employees who consistently approach you with problems only after brainstorming a few solutions are often good choices. Sharing concerns is the first step, though beginning the brainstorming process independently and identifying possible solutions can help save time and shows initiative. For people in this mindset, it is a sign that they are willing to resolve issues without always looking to other people for answers.

Consider People Coworkers Already Respect

Look into people whose coworkers already respect them and check out the reasons why. Being respected and well-liked often go hand-in-hand, though respect and popularity are two different things. A smart plan is to find people to promote who make teamwork and collaboration possible.

Leaders need to be able to foster teamwork and collaboration, both with their departments and with other departments. In most cases, employees respect levelheaded peers to take care of their responsibilities, often going above and beyond to help them.

Good Hires are Good for Morale

While not all leaders will be keeping everybody happy all the time, good hires are generally those who are good for morale. People want to see good leaders and coworkers promoted and finding people who bring positive energy to the workplace can be incredibly helpful.

Creating a culture of recognition starts with leadership. Fantastic internal candidates are often known to be helpful to others, reducing office tensions more than increasing them. Finding the right people means looking at their knowledge, motivations, and how well they work with others.

Stress Management Is Essential

Promotions often involve people moving into positions that have more pressure, responsibility, and stress. When filling a management position or promoting an employee to a more significant role, they will have more responsibilities. Their ability to handle stress in their current position often indicates how they might handle it if promoted.

Maintaining work-life balance, managing employee conflict, dealing with increased responsibilities, and having more time management needs can contribute to higher amounts of stress. Many managers report feeling the need to hide their stress and emotions due to the position they are in. Looking at how employees handle conflict and stress is part of the process when looking at people to promote.

Seek Out Overperformers

Overperformers are employees who exceed goals. They are exceeding benchmarks and demonstrating that they are ambitious. Employees interested in a company’s success often have high standards for themselves. This is not always about how much time they spend at work but rather their efficiency, motivation, and in many cases, problem-solving skills.

Employees who work smarter rather than harder are often excellent candidates for promotion. Outside of this, if you have high performers that are not benefiting from their performance through promotions and raises, they may start to grow dissatisfied with their current position. This is one of the top reasons employees start looking elsewhere for career advancement opportunities.

The Benefits of Promoting from Within

Promoting from within brings many benefits to an organization, including cost savings, employee retention, less onboarding time, increased employee morale, and a smoother-running company. Statistics have shown that employees are two times more likely to quit if they have been passed over for an internal promotion compared to those who are hired or didn’t apply. When employees are looking for upward mobility in a company and are good team members, consider them seriously. The benefits of promoting from within are numerous.


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