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Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Free international wires to Portugal with Liquid’s built-in currency converter

At Liquid, we think it should be easy to pay your Portuguese workers' invoices. But when it comes to wiring money abroad, some websites charge a base price of $79/mo with additional per-wire fees, while Liquid allows you to pay your contractors in Portugal with no additional fees.

You heard us right. Send Euros to your contractors in Portugal for free.

At Liquid, we know the future of work revolves around custom-built teams for every project. That allows agile companies to streamline their full-time operations and focus on what really matters—the work.

Paying your team should be the least of your worries, and we’ve stepped up to make it free – for you and for them.

But Liquid’s about more than international wires. We know businesses face all sorts of roadblocks, from finding talent to ensuring your project’s profitability, and it can be intimidating to dip your toe into the pool of the international workforce. Liquid makes it easy, with checklists and e-books to our comprehensive dashboard. We give you all the tools you need to manage your freelancers in one place.

Everything you need to onboard new contractors, manage your spend, pay your invoices and keep your workers happy in a single, consolidated platform.

And what could make people happier than free? Free international wires and currency exchange for you, and no fees for your contractors. Now that’s what we call easy.. #goliquid



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How To Pay Euros To Your Contractors In Portugal

Great news for our valued customers!


We're in the process of creating LiquidTrust – our new, easy-to-use, and secure global payment solution based on all your feedback. Whether you choose direct payments or the added security of escrow, LiquidTrust is designed to fit your business needs.


Learn more and request early access to our beta version. We're confident it will be a game-changer for how you grow your business.

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