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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

One of the coolest things about being a freelancer or an independent contractor is not being tethered to any one workspace or office.

And while some might use the opportunity to work from home, we know that it’s a big world out there filled with some really unique freelancer workspaces. So we put out a call asking for photos of the view from your desk and these are just some of your responses.

The Swiss farmhouse kitchen table workspace

Corina Burri

Photo: Corina Burri

Corina Burri is an SEO consultant who had been working remotely since 2016. She told us that she had worked from the lobbies of “fancy hotels” around the world including those in Zurich, Berlin and Lisbon. But since becoming a mom in 2020, she now either works out of co-working spaces that offer child care or from her parents’ farmhouse in Switzerland.

This is a photo of her farmhouse kitchen workspace complete with a glimpse of the traditional red and white checkered table cloth.

The fashion shoot workspace

Marina Safronova works as an independent editor for Tranio, an investment platform and international real estate brokerage firm, and works remotely most of the time.

She told us that in 2021, she “changed eleven different countries like a proper digital nomad.”

Marina sent us this picture of her on her bench workspace doing an “urgent article check on the mezzanine loans.” It was taken during a fashion photoshoot in West London’s ritzy Notting Hill district.

Marina Safranova

Photo: Marina Safronova

The traveling across the United States workspace

Personal finance writer and freelance virtual assistant Becky Blake told us, “All I need is a cell connection for my mobile hotspot and a laptop, and I can freelance from anywhere in the world.

And Becky has done some traveling this past year! She told us that she and her partner have visited 48 of the U.S. National Parks and 42 states!

Photo: Becky Blake

“The most interesting places I’ve worked include overlooking the badlands in South Dakota, in my van on the beach in Galveston, Texas, and under a gorgeous southwestern sunset in Page, Arizona.” Becky Blake

The train station workspace

Photo: Kassandra Marsh

Designer Kassandra Marsh sent us this photo of her working in a train station in Bangkok, Thailand.

“I was on a tight deadline for a project (design of a conference program) and that meant working while in transit. There is very little seating at that train station and so I found the most comfortable place I could to work for about 2.5 hours while waiting for my train. It is a lectern and luckily, it was in the only part of the train station I found with free wifi. I am not posing for the photo though, this is how I stand up when working at a bench, I find it very comfortable.” Kassandra Marsh

Sri Lanka

Photo: Stefan Ateljevic

The rural Sri Lanka workspace

“The nicest time I’ve had while traveling to Sri Lanka,” Stefan Ateljevic of CryptoBlokes told us. “It was paradise. Every once In a while I would go into the water and refresh myself, and then I went back and worked from the comfort of my bathing suit.”

Sun-drenched beaches of Oaxaca workspace

Kelli Lovett is a freelance technical accountant at Vanaboundtales. Since leaving her corporate accounting position, she has worked remotely from the back of her van while traveling the United States, Mexico, and Australia.

Photo: Kelli Lovett

“This has allowed me to work in some pretty epic and unusual places. From the beaches in Oaxaca, Mexico to the jungle of Chiapas, from the Australian Outback to headlands overlooking the Coral Sea, from gas station parking lots to mechanic shops, the unusual places that I have worked are endless.” Kelli Lovett
Coworking Bansko, Bulgaria

Photo: Ravi Davda

Work and play space

Ravi Davda runs Rockstar Marketing in the United Kingdom and he decided to take his company on the road. He arrived in Bansko, Bulgaria where he has found a community of digital nomads and a co-working space that he is working from. According to Ravi, the space not only has good amenities, it also provides opportunities to socialize.

“There are activities going on every evening! I’m enjoying life here so far.” Ravi Davda

Ultimate quiet workspace

Sara Bernier, founder of Born For Pets, sent us this photo of her ideal work space.

“I have worked in a small capsule that was designated as a “quiet” space. This was an ideal spot because it had an outlet and WIFi making it easy to work quietly even if it was slightly cramped.” Sara Bernier

Photo: Sara Bernier

Flexibility and fulfillment

We want to thank everyone who sent us photos and for sharing your stories of living the freelancer life. We love that you have “gone Liquid” and are designing work around your life, epitomizing life as a member of the Liquid workforce!

If you have clients in the United States and are looking for an invoicing solution, we invite you to try Liquid. Invoicing and getting paid through Liquid is free to freelancers and vendors.


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