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We are evolving! Learn more about Liquid’s global pay solutions that enable modern businesses of any size to work together easily and safely.

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Support agile businesses and their global networks of vendors, freelancers, contractors, and suppliers working together in the liquid future of work. 

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We know how important it is to scale a business and how difficult it is to find the right tools.

Are you looking to grow your client's roster? Are you looking for innovative services to support your client's needs? Are you in charge of handling your client's finance or HR departments?

No matter your goal, we might have the solution for you.


Tell your network about us and start earning with each new subscription you bring on board. It's free, easy to set up and super quick. Become a Liquid affiliate today!

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Offer a discount to our customers listing your services in our marketplace. Be among the first to enter this new program and generate new leads for your business.


If you're a VC or HR Consultant, you can refer us to your Startups and Clients.
Taxes, Contracting, Working orders, Project ROI at a more convenient price.

Liquid makes me feel confident that my contracts are compliant and helps me make sure all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed.

Dr. Rupa Wong,
Honolulu Eye Clinic

When we started our new business, I needed a way to onboard contracts fast. Liquid made it easy to get my team going and made me feel confident I had the right paperwork in place.

Joe Vezzani,

I honestly can't imagine having a freelancer management experience better than the one we've been having with Liquid.

Lori Shao,

Why Everyone Loves Liquid

The one-stop shop for all your need

Digital Onboarding

Pre-built workflows speed onboarding and document collection. Digitally sign and countersign all forms and contracts.

Work Order System

Easy-to-follow workflows turn proposals into work orders complete with deliverables, timelines and payment terms.

Role-Based Permissions

Easily add hiring managers, operations, finance and legal team members as well as external experts such as book-keepers with role-based permissions.


To protect clients and vendors on the Liquid platform, we apply bank-level security and fraud protection measures. 

QuickBooks Integration

Sync Liquid data with QuickBooks for fast reconciliation and reporting. 

Multiple Payment Options

Liquid is the most cost-effective way to pay to vendors anywhere. For convenience, payments to Payoneer and Wise (fka TransferWise) accounts are also supported.

Vendor Friendly

Vendors, solopreneurs and independent contractors can use Liquid to invoice clients and get paid for free.

Vendor Contract Alerts

Get reminders of contract renewals and expirations.

Vendor Manager

Digitize and keep all vendor work orders, invoices, legal and tax documents organized and conveniently accessible.  

Intelligent Invoicing

Invoices are auto-generated using data from work orders, saving time and reducing errors that arise from manual data entry.

Dashboard & Reporting

Liquid is the most cost-effective way to pay to vendors anywhere. For convenience, payments to Payoneer and Wise (fka TransferWise) accounts are also supported.

Bulk Import

Save time with bulk actions. Mass upload current vendor information and pay those working on ongoing projects with a few clicks.

Tax Comliance

1099 form generation and filing for U.S.-based vendors.

Legal Compliance

Legal templates compliant in the U.S. and abroad including master contract, NDA and IP assignment are provided.


Access our comprehensive knowledgebase 24/7. Chat and helpdesk are staffed by Liquid's friendly U.S.-based team. 

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Join hundreds of agile businesses using Liquid to manage their flexible teams.

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