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Onboard and engage your valued non-employee team in minutes so you can jump on that opportunity.

Usable Data from All Contracts and Documents

By using Liquid for contract execution or uploading documents to our contract management system, all your vendor files organized and in one place. We remind you of upcoming renewals and terminations. Data from agreements are used throughout the system for efficiency, including matching to invoices. 

Execute Contract and Collect Paperwork in Minutes

No work starts until vendors are properly onboarded and approved by you. Protect your IP using our standardized templates or use your own. Onboarding processes are customizable to collect all necessary paperwork upfront, including tax forms so you don't need to chase them during annual filing time. 

Liquid makes me feel confident that my contracts are compliant and helps me make sure all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed.

Dr. Rupa Wong,
Honolulu Eye Clinic

When we started our new business, I needed a way to onboard contracts fast. Liquid made it easy to get my team going and made me feel confident I had the right paperwork in place.

Joe Vezzani,

I honestly can't imagine having a freelancer management experience better than the one we've been having with Liquid.

Lori Shao,

Liquid's Happy Customers

Your Flexible Team is Always Ready to Work

Our standardized and customizable onboarding and contract management system keeps you organized and compliant.

Contract and Bench Management

Organized and useful contract system

We use data from your vendor files to keep you in check, including sending reminders of upcoming renewals and terminations

Onboard your team in minutes

No work can start without proper approval and onboarding from you, including tax forms collected upfront

Your vendor roster ready to go

Use our vendor database to add tags and notes to find who and what you need quickly.

Managing Your Bench with Ease

Having a flexible, on-demand roster is easy as ever with Liquid.

Why Liquid for Contract and Bench Management

Make your life easier by managing all from the same tool.

Build Your Compliant, Go-To Vendor Roster

Your ready-to-work vendor database that is easily searchable by tags, notes, and statuses. Each vendor has a master contract that sets the overall relationships, and work orders underneath that defines projects quickly on the go. We compliance check your vendor team so documents are ready to go in any future audits. 

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