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Liquid is incredibly easy to implement, saves us so much time on onboarding and payments, and keeps us audit ready.

Rey Madolora

CFO of Dropoff, Inc.

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About Liquid, Inc.

Liquid builds the simplest and safest global payment solutions for the world’s small businesses.

Why Liquid Trust?

In most business transactions, one side is at more risk — either buyers pay and hope for proper delivery of goods and service or sellers deliver first and wait for payment.

With Liquid Trust, businesses can hold payments in third-party micro escrow accounts to protect against delays, defaults, and fraud.

Our mission at Liquid is to reduce the risk and equalize the power in business relationships so that all modern businesses of any size can work together and grow with ease, flexibility, and confidence.

Escrow Pay

Micro escrows to protect from payment delays, defaults, and fraud

Liquid Trust

Global Pay

Secure single or bulk business payments to 175 countries

Liquid Pay


Full onboarding to global pay workflow to manage vendors and contractors.

Liquid Team


Same workflow to pay domestic or international, individual or entity, via ACH, card, wires and FX through our bank partners.


Clear transaction fees, and your payees are always paid in full with no hidden intermediary fees.


Optional integration into our full contract-to-pay solution that includes onboarding contracts to invoice collection and approvals.

Why Liquid for Global Payments?

Liquid makes me feel confident that my contracts are compliant and helps me make sure all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed.

Dr. Rupa Wong,
Honolulu Eye Clinic

When we started our new business, I needed a way to onboard contracts fast. Liquid made it easy to get my team going and made me feel confident I had the right paperwork in place.

Joe Vezzani,

I honestly can't imagine having a freelancer management experience better than the one we've been having with Liquid.

Lori Shao,

Payers and Payees Love Liquid

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You may qualify to pay international bills for free in 90 countries!
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