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global invoice payments powered by 

Manage your valued contractors and vendors  easily  and confidently .

All-in-one global AP and project payroll solution that lets you confidently contract and pay your flexible team. ​

  • Onboarding & project agreements

  • Invoice payments to US and 175 countries

  • Spend management

  • Compliance

Pay Your US and International Team with the Same Workflow

Pay domestic and international invoices at the same time with consolidated global payments. One pay button lets you issue payments to a freelancer across town or a dev shop across the world. We support both US and international ACH and wire payments to 175 countries in 2-4 business days with no extra transaction fees to you or your payees.

Know and Control Upcoming Cash Flow Needs

Maximize profitability and keep control of expenses with spend management and controls. Our uncluttered work and purchase order system allow cash flow projections across a project’s entire timeline.


Eliminate overpayments and promote efficiency with automated invoice approval. By checking invoices against original agreements and past payment history, our approval workflows reduce email back-and-forth by 75%. That means fewer headaches and faster payments.

Onboard Your Flexible Team in Minutes

Our contract and bench management suite lets you onboard your global network with proper contracts and documentation in less than a minute. Stay worry-free with Liquid’s renewal reminders and compliance-tailored termination notices


Liquid’s contract management system collects your team’s tax forms (W-9 and W-8BEN) upfront so you can rest easy during tax season.

Backed by the Best

Why the Time to Embrace an On-Demand Workforce Strategy is Now

Liquid makes me feel confident that my contracts are compliant and helps me make sure all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed.

Dr. Rupa Wong,
Honolulu Eye Clinic

When we started our new business, I needed a way to onboard contracts fast. Liquid made it easy to get my team going and made me feel confident I had the right paperwork in place.

Joe Vezzani,

I honestly can't imagine having a freelancer management experience better than the one we've been having with Liquid.

Lori Shao,

Everyone Loves Liquid

Global Payments

Pay global invoices to 175 countries with a single button

Spend Controls

Manage spend proactively through work and purchase orders.

Contract Management

Onboard vendors in less than a minute with standardized contracts

Liquid is So Much More than AP

One unified solution from onboarding and contracts to global invoice payments so you can stay organized and compliant.

Reasons to Go Liquid Today

Digital Onboarding

Pre-built workflows speed onboarding, contract execution, and document collection. Digitally sign and countersign all forms and contracts. Tax forms are always collected upfront as well. 

Work Order & PO System

Easy-to-follow workflows turn proposals and SOWs into work orders complete with deliverables, timelines and payment terms. You can also create purchase orders for your suppliers. 

Role-Based Permissions

Easily add hiring managers, operations, finance and legal team members as well as external experts such as book-keepers with role-based permissions.


To protect clients and vendors on the Liquid platform, we apply bank-level security and fraud protection measures.

QuickBooks Integration

Sync Liquid your vendor, bill, and bill payment data with QuickBooks for fast reconciliation and reporting. Proper journal entries are made, and you can use our system to automate coding and tagging.

Multiple Payment Options

Liquid is the most cost-effective way to pay to vendors anywhere. For convenience, payments and payouts from and to ACH, wire, FX payouts, card, Payoneer, and Wise (fka TransferWise) are all supported.

Vendor Tools

Vendors, independent contractors, and solopreneurs can use Liquid to invoice clients and get paid for free. We also provide other useful tools like proposal maker and time tracking.

Contract Management System

Use our contract management system to execute contracts, collect documents, and upload files. Stay organized and get reminders of renewals and expirations.

Vendor Database

Digitize and keep all vendor work orders, invoices, legal and tax documents organized and conveniently accessible. Search your team by tag or notes, and know who is ready to jump into work ASAP.

Intelligent Invoicing

Invoices are auto-generated using data from work orders, saving time and reducing errors that arise from manual data entry. 

Useful Reporting

We provide all the needed reports to keep tabs of contractors, work orders, vendors, and invoice payments. 

Bulk Actions

Save time with bulk actions. Mass upload current vendor information and bulk pay invoices to all your domestic and international vendors with one click. 

Tax Compliance

We collect W-9 and W-8BEN forms for all your vendors upfront. For those US-based vendors that qualify, we generate and file 1099 forms on your behalf.

Legal Compliance

We provide legal agreement structure and templates compliant in the U.S. and abroad, including master contracts, SOWs, NDAs, and IP assignments. 

Helpful Customer Support

Access our comprehensive knowledge base 24/7. Chat and email help desk are staffed with Liquid's friendly U.S.-based team. 

Automated Approval Workflow

Set custom policies that automate routing for approvals. For example, any new invoices collected can be routed directly to the hiring manager first for approval without extra manual work from the finance team.

Order-Invoice Matching

To keep you in control, Liquid matches invoices to original agreements (work and purchase orders) to warn you of overpayments and errors. 

Vendor Portal

We provide a portal for vendors so that they can keep up with payment status. In addition, we have free tools such as invoice creator and proposal makers that we provide to your vendors.

Customizable Onboarding

Use your templates or edit ours to create a standardized onboarding process for everyone who will work for you. 

Project Profitability

Tag your work or purchase orders by client and/or project to ensure you will make money on every project. You can add your budget to track your payments and upcoming cash flow needs for your projects and associated vendors.

Cash Flow Visibility

With agreements in the same system, Liquid provides you up-to-date visibility on your cash flow needs and invoices that are coming due. Accounting teams can use this information at month end for proper accrual entries.

Smart Dashboard

All your to-dos are at the top of your dashboard when you log in. We always show and remind you of what's the most important via dashboard and emails so you are  never scrambling. 

Accounting Field Syncs

We make it easy to tag your vendors, orders, and invoices with the proper accounting fields, such as account, client, projects, jobs, and departments. This data is sent with your invoices and payments to your accounting platform. 

Accounting Ready Accruals

Because we have agreements in the same platform as invoice payments, we can provide you information on expenses spent but not invoiced yet for your monthly accruals.

The One Stop Shop for All Your Needs

Everything you need to work with your global team of vendors, contractors, and partners

  • Are you an EOR (employer-of-record)?
    No, we are not an employer-of-record. We are a software platform that helps you manage your flexible team and are complementary to other finance or operations systems your business uses.
  • This looks great, but we don’t have enough time to install a new system or process.
    Creating an account with Liquid takes less than 10 minutes. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you: from document (contract) template creation to migrating your existing vendor info or any other setup needed, we’ll take care of it during the free trial process and make onboarding to Liquid a breeze.
  • We already use our payroll system to pay our contractors. Why do I need Liquid?
    Although most payroll platforms offer modules to manage contractors, they tend to focus on individual freelancers who work on a more consistent basis (like employees) or merely provide you with the ability to make payments. Because Liquid focuses on contractors and service providers, we were built to handle the unique challenges of working with such a flexible team. Additionally, since managing contractors and paying employees should be entirely different processes, it is strongly advised that companies avoid using their payroll system in order to comply with regulations.
  • We use other ways to pay my vendors internationally. Is there a use for Liquid to me?
    Definitely. You can use Liquid to sign contracts, collect tax forms and other onboarding documents as well as to create work orders. In addition, you can collect invoices and use our approval workflow to automatically route invoices to hiring managers before payment. With work orders in the system, we can show you if the invoice you’ve received is right before you pay.
  • Do I need to use your contracts or work order system?
    You may utilize just our payments system if you like. However, by using our contracts or work order system, we help you stay in control, manage budget, and prevent overpayments. Also, we believe papering your agreements upfront can ensure the success of every project. We make the process simple because we believe it’s important.
  • Do my contractors and vendors have to create Liquid accounts, too?
    Yes, because this lets them manage their own information in their portal. This allows you to save time and prevent mistakes when inputting or making changes to your vendors’ and contractors’ business or payout information. Additionally, once they create their account, we provide your vendors free tools like proposal makers and invoice generators.
  • This looks great, but we don’t have enough contractors yet.
    Whether you’re managing one vendor or thousands, Liquid can help and add value. We offer plans that fit every size of business. For new businesses, we provide contract templates that help you get going, and for larger businesses, we provide a white-glove customer onboarding service.
  • Are you a payroll or AP system?
    Neither! We are an operating suite for SMBs that work with a flexible team of contractors, vendors, and partners, in addition to their full-time employees. Payroll is used for employees, and AP systems are used for invoice payments for vendors and suppliers. We provide the full workflow of contracts to payments for all non-employees – both individuals and entities, whether they’re located in the US or around the globe.
  • Our AP system works well enough for invoice payments. Can I use Liquid for the contracts only?
    Absolutely. Most of the features in Liquid can be used independently because it was built in a modular way. However, we strongly suggest using the entire suite as a whole in order to remain organized, compliant, and error-free.
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