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Best Practices in Vendor and Freelancer Compliance and Admin

What if you could access the world’s best talent with the same ease and predictability as your conventional full-time workforce?

Modern companies are increasingly working with a non-permanent workforce because it is the most cost effective, smart and flexible way to hire talent. This group of professional service vendors, contractors, and freelancers are who we call the “liquid workforce” because their skills enable them to plug into companies anytime, anywhere and for varying durations.

While working with the liquid workforce has many advantages, companies often run into roadblocks and administrative headaches, which can be easily avoided by setting up the right process and tools upfront. This ebook outlines the eight best practices a company can deploy to scale their bench while maintaining compliance with ease.

What's in the Best Practices in Vendor and Freelancer Compliance and Admin e-Book

  • 9 strategies to keep your operation running smoothly 💪

  • Actionable advice to keep you in compliance 🎉

  • The benefits of using a liquid workforce 🌊

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