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Get Paid in the US and 175 Countries For Free

Keep 100% of the invoiced amount with no transaction fees

Send invoices to US-based customers with our easy, free global business payments platform and get paid in 2 to 4 days.

Already paid. That was exceptional.


Vendor in Kenya

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Upload your invoice

Create your free account.
Upload your invoice or use our free invoice creation tool.

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Request payment

Invite your customer to pay with a Liquid guest account.

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Get paid. Fee free.

Funds are paid directly to your bank account in 2 to 4 days.
You pay no transaction fees.

How It Works

Create and Send Proposals in Minutes

Easily create and send proposals with the free Work Order wizard. Then auto-generate and send invoices from client approved proposals.

Add Custom Branding

Customize your invoices with your business logo for a professional look at no additional cost.

Earn with each referral

Join our Refer-a-Business program and earn $100 for each new business that signs up for an active subscription.

Payment visibility

Bank-level security

Get paid through Liquid for free

Payoneer, Wise and other payment accounts options

Competitive foreign exchange rates

Available in 175 countries

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