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The Situation

To support Fly By Jing’s rapid growth, founder and CEO Jing Gao relies on a growing team of independent contractors. Managing contracting, onboarding, and paying Fly By Jing’s contractors was becoming an increasingly time-consuming task. Gao says that “We were managing everything for our contractors manually, which easily creates errors.”

Gao noted that “I was hesitant to change how we managed our contractors as I wasn’t sure whether it would be as productive.”

However, she needed a solution that would “make it easier to scale the team without dealing with administrative headaches.” Gao and her team started using Liquid to help her manage all Fly By Jing’s contractors, legal documents, invoices, and payments in one place.

The Results

Gao noted that “Liquid saves me lots of time – every month that’s dozens of hours more I spend growing Fly By Jing.”

Now Gao has clarity on all her contractors’ contracts, SOWs, and payment schedule – everything is readily accessible from her Liquid dashboard. She can quickly onboard new contractors and easily manage payments.

Gao recommends other startups consider using Liquid to help their businesses grow – “Do it. It can be more productive and efficient for everyone involved.”

Fly By Jing

Fly By Jing is the first modern, premium Chinese food company bringing highly-charged flavors to healthy eating through accessible, thoughtfully-crafted products available direct to consumers and through select retailers. The launch products, a line of Sichuan chili sauces and condiments, were the highest-funded craft food project on Kickstarter.

Fly By Jing has seen viral organic growth from a passionate fan base since launching in February 2019 and has been featured in The New York Times, WSJ, Saveur, Food & Wine, Esquire and more, which have described the company as revolutionizing Chinese food and heralding a new era of flavor.

Fly By Jing

How Fly By Jing scaled its global independent contractor team to meet the demands of rapid growth.

Fly By Jing


Food & Beverage




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