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We are evolving! Learn more about Liquid’s global pay solutions that enable modern businesses of any size to work together easily and safely.

Tap Your Network.
Refer a Business.
Earn $100

Help your network become more liquid by helping them discover how Liquid helps reduce the hassles of hiring and paying freelancers and vendors.  


Become a Liquid Affiliate

Click the button below to share a few details about yourself and you’ll be registered as a Liquid affiliate. We’ll email your referral code within 24 hours.


Share with Your Network

Share your referral code on your favorite social networks and via email and let your network know about how Liquid can help them get more done!


Earn with Each Referral

Each business that uses your code to sign up and has an active subscription for 3 months earns you $100.

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get paid?

Once a business you refer signs up using your referral code and becomes a paid active subscriber for 3 months, you will be notified via email and your $100 will be paid to your Liquid account within 5 business days.

How will I know my referral was successful?

We will email you as soon as a business sign up using your referral code.

We will email you again when they have been an active paid subscriber for 3 months.

Note:  The Refer a Business program does not apply to businesses that are already in contact with the Liquid team.

How can I get paid?

To get paid you need to create a Liquid account.

It's free to get paid via Liquid, simply create your free Liquid vendor account here.

Become an Affiliate
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